Beginning Meditation


Mediation really shifted my life. I have been practicing meditation for a few years now, and I honestly do recommend it to everyone. There is not one person who would not benefit from this practice. It is called a practice because it is seldom perfect, but the benefits are endless. I chose to begin meditation, in the hopes of quieting my mind. You know when your mind seems loud, and cluttered, or your thoughts might be racing and you begin overthinking a situation? This is where taking a few breaths for yourself can help put you at ease.

Tools that worked

I began to meditate using an audiobook by Sally Kempton, called Beginning Mediation, Enjoying your own deepest experience. here is the link, where you can purchase: She is amazing, with her soothing voice she breaks down the steps on how to begin. I truly recommend this book as a starting point along with an app called Mind Space ,this app guides you on breath work and visualization. It has a free trial, so you can decide if it is right for you. The creator of the app, left his day to day life in wall street to live with monks. His voice is amazing and the overall app design is super cute. I do understand that the thought of mediation may seem like something out of your comfort zone, but I guarantee that it is always a great idea. choosing to give yourself a few moments, anywhere from 2-20 minutes a day can really make a difference in your overall mood. There is also another app, called Insight Timer,, this app has thousands of guided meditations, music sorted by types, genres and particular needs you have at the moment. It also shares your participation with others and allows you to leave encouragement for others. Its selection of music is great too. Last, but not least is Youtube. Here you can find any type of mediation you need, no sign ups or downloads, so that is always very practical too. There may also be times when you choose to just listen to the sound of your breath, as you inhale and exhale, this is quite soothing.

What do you need to Start

So, once you have selected an audio that works for you, you go to next step of posture. you really just need to be in a comfortable position. as you begin, you may want to sit against a wall, with your legs crosslegged, visualizing a thread pulling you at the crown of your head. as long as you are not slouching, you are good. There also mediation pillows to sit on, these are filled with rice, or granules that mold to your body, and give you a comfy sitting position. I recently purchased one from amazon, from the brand Reehut, it comes in different sizes and colors so you can leave out in your meditation area. You can choose to sit on the floor, or in a chair, sitting upright- hands on your knees facing upward to indicate that you are open to receive guidance or hands facing down to ground yourself. You can time yourself, and slowly increase in time. Remember it is called a practice, and your mind might not want to collaborate at first, but as long as you keep practicing, it will get easier and you will even look forward to your time alone.

Which Mediation is Right for You?

There are many different types of Meditations, but as you start your journey, it is important to consider moving slowly in baby steps. This is a practice where you learn to have compassion for yourself, and love yourself even more. of the top of my head, there is breath mediation, just inhaling and exhaling, listening to the beautiful sound of your breathe, your life force, as it enters and exits your body. Allowing your mind to think what it thinks, but not holding on to a thought, simply letting it pass. There is also visual meditation, where you envision yourself sitting on a beach for example, feeling the breeze, looking at the waves. Once you begin your practice, you will find the type of meditation that works for you.

I hope you have found this useful. I will continue to post what has worked for me on my spiritual journey. And anything else you are curious about, let me know.